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Health Care at Home

Doctors consultation (Doctors On Call)

You will undoubtedly need to consult with a doctor every once in a while for the general health check-up, acute diseases, seasonal fever, chronic disease, and more. From consultation to treatment,

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Clinical Laboratory (LAB) Path On Call

“Early Diagnosis and Prompt Treatment” with this principle, Doctors on Call combine pathology leadership, groundbreaking technology and the best scientists in the field to bring better outcomes 

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24 Hours Personal Nursing Care

What would be much better than knowing that your loved one has been 24-hour in-home care, with day-and-night support, ensuring their safety, security, and comfort.

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Geriatric care (Old Age Care)

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” With this idea, we liberate the best way to help an aged or elderly loved one

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Telemedicine means to provide clinical health care from a distance with the use of telecommunication and information technology.We provide these facilities especially for rural areas and NRN.

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Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is a written certificate issued by a doctor or medically qualified health care provider after attesting the result of a medical examination. It may require to get some health benefits

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Travel support for sick / Foreigners

Doctors on Call is always there to help and upkeep travelers each and every time they need it, no matter where they are traveling to. We understand the best way to make your travel safe

Immunizations- Vaccination

We all agree that “Prevention is always better than Cure”. We provide basic immunizations for adults and children by our well-equipped specialists at your home with just a call.

health camp

Health camp organizer

With a view to improving the effectiveness of healthcare, Doctors on Call is frequently organizing health camps in different localities of the city with the wish to extend helping hand

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Pediatric (children) Nutrition

Healthy childhood leads to healthy adulthood and healthy elderly hood. Adequate and proper nutrition is important for a child’s normal growth and an important part of daily life. 

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Dietitians/ Nutritionist

Dietitians are highly qualified experts in food, nutrition and eating habits. We are committed to working alongside our customers in order to support them to get optimum health benefits.

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Physiotherapy is a treatment that aims to improve joint and muscle function and help relieve pain and enhance movement. Through Doctors on Call well-trained Physiotherapist 

Medical instruments delivery on call

What’s more convenient than getting your necessary equipment delivered to your doorstep on demand. Doctors on Call not only deliver your requirements

Monthly subscription medicine delivery

Medicine is the important part of treatment but what we need is quality one. We keep on encountering fake and under-quality drugs which but now Doctors on Call will ease your burden 

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Health tourism

Health Tourism is the world’s leading information source about medical tourism destinations on the web. Our mission is to cover a wide field of health-oriented,

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Health consultancy and information desk

With the growth in Health industry, the need for health consultation and awareness has also been increasing. Doctors on Call shall help the patients who want to travel foreign countries

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Home Dressing facility on Call

Every one of us suffers wound some or other time in the life. So, proper wound dressing and right wound care becomes inevitable for quick healing of the wound.