Health Care at Home

( Doctors Consultation )

You will undoubtedly need to consult with a doctor every once in a while for the general health check-up, acute diseases, seasonal fever, chronic disease, and more. From consultation to treatment, we help you all through your recovery by Providing Health Service and Health Care at your home.

Doctor on call is initiated with an entirely new concept of providing healthcare facility through professional doctors and nurses by visiting your home with just a phone call/ email. Our main aim is to make our customer’s health care experience easy and competitive while saving their valuable time. Healthcare services are not only required for sick and unwell people who need treatment but also for people who are not sick but may be required to conduct regular health check-ups at different intervals of time.  Association with Doctors on Call will have doctors at your home with just one call and will treat you at your own comfort zone.


Benefits of Healthcare at Home in Nepal

  • Home health care professionals can be there even if you aren’t able to be.  Our home health care service can assess all the health-related services at home in any corner of Nepal.
  •   Home care access skilled nursing care at home delivered by certified nurses and high-technology medical equipment. Home health care can ensure that your loved one’s complex medical needs are met.
  • Our Home care services include nutritional counseling and dieticians to shield your loved ones against nutrition deficiency.
  • Home health care professionals help you manage multiple prescriptions and ensure the right medications are being taken at the right time.
  • Home health care professionals deliver comparatively better health outcomes to individuals with chronic conditions such as pneumonia, diabetes, or COPD.
  • We are an affordable alternative to hospital care in Nepal.

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