Nursing Care at Home

( 24 hours Personal Nursing care )

What would be much better than knowing that your loved one has been 24-hour in-home care, with day-and-night support, ensuring their safety, security, and comfort?

You need just the best, so when it comes to overnight care and 24-hour nursing, you deserve to be 100% confident that your loved one has the very best private nurses and in-home care. Doctors on the call have nursing care services provided by a qualified nursing professional who need intensive rehabilitation care, peg feeding, and physical disability and to people with a prolonged incurable illness.

Our 24/7 Nursing Care offers high-quality nursing and companion services. We provide professional and dependable service to our clients by our best and professional staff with values of compassion, integrity, justice, dignity, respect, and excellence reflect in our performance every day, in everything we do. Our twenty-four hours a day seven days a week exceptional home health care services deliver the best quality staff who are always striving for excellence.

Feel free to seek our help when you or your loved one needs the best home nursing care services in the town. Let our registered nurses and healthcare professionals deliver compassionate care in your time of need.

Benefits of Nursing Care at Home in Nepal

  • Home nursing care promotes healing and reduces the risk of infections helping the patient heal better and faster.   
  • In-home care provides professional medical care of hospital standards to the patient in the comfort of their home. It is highly cost-effective when compared to in-hospital care.
  • In-home nursing care helps provide the patient with professional medical care in their own familiar surroundings. So the patient can get healed at their home with relax mind and less stress.
  • Providing professional care at home helps personalize and customize the experience for the patient. They are unique to each patient and are designed keeping the patient’s needs in mind.
  • Our 24 hours nursing care help you facilitate the performance of daily activities such as bathing, grooming, cooking and cleaning that helps to maintain a decent lifestyle throughout.
  • Our professional caregivers are trained to manage prescriptions and medication to ensure that the patient gets sufficient and correct care and medication at the right time.

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