Geriatric Care

( Old Age Care at Home in Nepal )

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” With this idea, we liberate the best way to help an aged or elderly loved one continue to live independently in the dignity and comfort without compromising privacy, safety, and personal attention.Doctors on call came with a service for your loved ones i.e. Old age care at home in Nepal so that we can take care of your loved ones with care at your home.

Doctors on Call help you supporting your loved ones with the care that comes to your home. We provide old age home care which helps in planning and coordinating care of elderly to meet their long-term care needs, improve their quality of life and maintaining their independence for as long as possible. Our team consists of best physician and caretakers to help old age adults reach higher function, greater independence and enhanced quality of life.

Doctors on Call can do almost anything a family member would do for someone they care about. Our old age home care services are extremely supple and are personalized to meet each individual’s explicit requirements. We could also offer the support to make daily activities easy, enjoyable and stay a natural part of your loved one’s life.

Benefits of Old Age Care at Home in Nepal

  • Old age home care enables family members to spare more time on their priorities and let us take care of the loved ones by our home care trained specialist.
  • Home caregivers have the necessary experience and training so they are far better able to handle many routines and critical medical situations.
  • Our old age care allows the senior to decrease their boredom through interaction and communication which works wonders for their emotional well-being.
  • Doctors on Call can help the old age people maintain the lifestyle sustaining the momentum and not let the person in their care slide into diffidence and depression.
  • With the help of a caregiver, an older adult is able to improve their quality of life. Our caretakers are always available so there’s no need to struggle with chores in the home.

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