Telemedicine means to provide clinical health care from a distance with the use of telecommunication and information technology. We provide these facilities especially for rural areas and NRN (nonresidential Nepali) who often seek health counseling and services. Doctors on Call’s telemedicine services will reach a wide base of a population using modern Telehealth technologies in cost effective and convenient ways. Our goal encompasses, providing accessibility to the remotest patient to reach expert medical practitioners, using state-of-the-art technologies, with an optimal economic outcome.

Whether you need an urgent health treatment or you live with a chronic health condition, you can get benefits from our telemedicine services, including specialist consultations, safe and accurate pharmacy medication services, emergency services, medical support for senior care residents at long-term care facilities, remote monitoring of newborns who need an extended stay in one of our neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) and more.

Doctors on Call provide 24/7 telemedicine services right to your home through collaborative virtual telemedicine technology and healthcare monitoring. So, you can get immediate access to health experts who will support your local healthcare providers and help deliver the care you need without long-distance travel.

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